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These pots are so pretty! How I’d like more! I’ve repotted some patio plants already & am still working on some. They’re beautifully and artfully painted. Thank you! Highly Recommended!

Marie Gloria
Dublin, CA

These pots were SO ADORABLE and well done!! I could smell the freshly dried paint on them. They look so good and add a little personality to their new occupants 🤗

Valene Reid
Newark, NJ

Absolutely gorgeous, I love the vibrant colors on these. Can't wait to put my new plant in them!

Melly Ann
Los Angeles, CA

Love it! It's the perfect size and truly beautiful. They shipping was fast and the packaging was super awesome. The pot got here safe and sound.

I'm so in love. 100% recommend.

Lindsey Allyson
Cheektowaga, NY